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Bengal Sappers Officers Association (BSOA)

Memorandum Of Association


The aim of the Association is to promote espirit-de-corps and to promote general welfare matters (other than service matters) of all officers of Bengal Sappers, both serving and retired and their families.


  • Enable members as old comrades, to keep in touch with each other and with the Bengal Sappers.
  • Promote social inter-action amongst its members and their families at time and place to be decided by respective Chapters.
  • Promote and foster ties of brotherhood and camaraderie among its members.
  • Raise funds for achieving these objectives.
  • Engage in such other activities as may be incidental or ancillary to the above objectives and to do all such other things that are conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.


  • All serving and retired Officers of the Bengal Sappers including all TA Officers.


The Association will have the following kinds of members :-

  • Life Members. Officers who have served or are serving in the Bengal Sappers including all TA officers opting to become Life Members.
  • Ordinary Members. Officers who have served or are serving in the Bengal Sappers including all TA officers opting to become members for a limited period.
  • Honorary Members (Non Voting). All Bengal Sappers including TA Officers Widows would be treated as Honorary Members.

Rate of subscription at the time of obtaining membership will be as under:-

  • Life Members - Rs 1000/-
  • Ordinary Members - Rs 300/-
  • Honorary Members - No Fee

Source of Income

The income of the BSOA shall be from the following sources:-

  • Membership fee from serving officers who exercise option to become Life/Ordinary Members of BSOA.
  • Membership fee from retired /released officers who opt to become Life/Ordinary members of BSOA.
  • Donation from all categories of members only.
  • Funds raised from activities as per orders laid down by AG’s Branch.
  • Interest from Investment.

Rights and Privileges

A member or his family will be entitled to the benefits, which the General Body/Management Committee may decide. Life and Ordinary Members will have a right to vote as a member of the General Body.

Cessation/Termination of Membership

A Life and Ordinary Member may cease to be one by sending a simple request in writing to the Honorary General Secretary. The membership may also be terminated in accordance with the rules to be framed by the meetings and other affairs of the BSOA. The Management Committee may also lay down conditions where under member cease to be members of the Association.

General Body

  • The General Body will consist of the members. The Chairman and Honorary General Secretary of the Management Committee will be Chairman and Secretary of the General Body. It will be convened once a year by giving a minimum of 15 days notice to formulate policies and programs and pass the budget for the ensuring year and adopt the annual audited accounts.
  • The date and month for annual meeting will be fixed by the Management Committee. A written notice of 30 days for the meeting will be accomplished by the Agenda of the meeting. One third members will form the quorum.
  • The General Body shall be the sole and final authority for all purpose of the BSOA and for making any change or alteration in or amendment to the Memorandum of BSOA under section 12 and 12A of the Act. The Management Committee may make byelaws as it may deem necessary to regulate the conduct of its meetings and other affairs of the BSOA.

Management Organisation

The affairs of the BSOA will be managed by the following Committees:-

  • Management Committee functioning at Delhi from the office of the Commandant CAMS.
  • Chapters at stations nominated by the Management Committee.

Formation of Chapters

Branches of the BSOA will be called Chapters which will be opened in stations where, there are more than 25 Bengal Sappers including TA Officers, both serving and retired.

  • Each Chapter will form a Committee comprising a Station Chairman and Station Secretary-Cum-Treasurer by mutual consultations. The onus of organizing and coordinating the Chapter activities would rest on the senior most serving Bengal Sappers Officer in the Station in consultation with the other senior Bengal Sappers including TA Officers, serving or retired.
  • Chapters will function within the framework and guidelines given by the Management Committee, as approved by the General Body.

Management Committee

  • The control and management of the day to day affairs and interest of the BSOA shall rest with the Management Committee.
  • The Management Committee shall comprise of nine members, including the Honorary General Secretary.
  • The office bearers of the Management Committee will be :-
    • Chairman - The Colonel Commandant.
    • Vice Chairman - Commandant BEG & Centre, Roorkee.
    • Honorary General Secretary ( To be elected from retired officers)
    • Secretary cum Treasurer( A serving officer to be nominated by the Chairman. Secretary cum treasurer will have the right to vote )- Dy Comdt
    • Members- (Two serving officers to be nominated by the Chairman )-Comdt CAMS, Gp Acct Officer
      and three retired officers to be elected by the General Body.- To be elected
  • The term of office for elected members will be three years.
  • Elections of retired officers as members of the management committee shall by voting.